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LuX... light, text & image...

c l o c k

iOS 4 compatible.
For a Retina display support (iPhone 4), please use our other application: LuX4.
OS 2 & 3 compatible!
For example, with OS 3, you can use:
- the new fonts,
- the extra keyboards (arabic, hebrew...),
- the clipboard (copy/cut/paste the text).

Powerful scrolling banner application!
Extra: Ability to swith to a clock or to a simple flashlight (screen light).

* * * For creative only! * * *

Easy to use application with many features:
- Background colors, including a custom color;
- Static text with adjustable position (left, center, right);
- Dynamic text (from right or left) with adjustable speed and smooth scrolling;
- All the fonts included in the device system with selected size and style (italic, bold...);
- Adjustable text stroke and fill;
- Adjustable text shadow;
- Adjustable text reflection;
- Background picture and texture selected from the device photo library or taken with the camera (adjustable opacity);
- Customizable clock (12/24-hour modes, AM & PM display on/off, seconds display on/off) with the previous listed features;
- International character support (the keyboards can be used as defined in the device system settings);
- Device auto-sleep on/off;
- Ability to manage several banners;
- The music from the iPod can continue to play.